When is Kid’s Day?

by Donna Missigman

My mother wrote this heartwarming article as a response to the Mother’s Day tribute I wrote for her in May. This is about a special day that we celebrated in our family that meant awesome day trips to local attractions and most importantly, spending quality time exploring together. I encourage you to to have a special day for your children to do the same thing each year!  – Bea


One day my daughter asked me why there’s a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but no Kid’s Day.  The short answer would have been ‘every day is kid’s day’ but I left that one unsaid.  And just that fast, Kid’s Day in our house was born.  For lack of a better day we chose July 8 and every year after that we had a little celebration for Kid’s Day.  There weren’t always wrapped gifts but instead the day morphed into a day of fun things to do just a little out of the normal scope of daily activities.  And because it happened to be in the middle of summer Kid’s Day marked the passage of summer vacation in our own unique way.


Over the 8 or 10 years that we celebrated it I came to realize this little homemade holiday meant as much to my child as other established holidays celebrated by the rest of the world.  It was our very own day – we chose it and we decided every year how we would spend it.  No required dinner with stuffy adults, no established menu requirements or expectations.  Kid’s Day came to represent fun, freedom and independence in our little kingdom.  It was special to us because we owned it and that pride of ownership made the day extra special.


The memories made by the moments when child and parent create something together are sweeter than all of the Hallmark moments we’re told to celebrate.  Pick a date, make Kid’s Day in your house and let the fun begin.  There are no rules, only good, home-grown fun.  Your kids will love it.  And so will you.

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