The Importance of Mother-Daughter Adventures



Happy Mother’s Day, ladies! This Hallmark-holiday is often bittersweet. To some it brings happiness and celebration but to others it’s a reminder of loss; the difficulties in becoming a mother, or the sadness of not being able to celebrate with your mom because of work and/or distance. Unfortunately I fell into the latter category this year. as I wasn’t able to spend the day with my mom. It’s not the first year I haven’t been able to spend Mother’s Day with her but as I get older, I’m reminded of the importance she holds in my life. Today as I reflected on the sacrifices my mom made and all of the lessons she’s bestowed upon me, I couldn’t help but be reminded of all the great places we have been together.

I am fortunate enough to have a mother that loves to travel. In fact, one of my mother’s best pieces of advice has been to travel because, “it’s the only thing that makes you richer.” Together we have explored winding back roads, tasted the largest marshmallow from the Guinness Book of World Records, uprooted a cactus from the middle of the desert to bring home as a souvenir, had our picture taken with Mickey Mouse, impatiently waited for the turn of the century from a Las Vegas hotel room, rode a bus full of chickens in the middle of Mexico, stood inside a giant redwood tree, ate lunch while gazing at Giraffes graze in front of us, watched the Atlantic Ocean kiss the cliff’s of the Irish Coast, and collected more sea shells than a mermaid would know what to do with.


Texas Line


Together we’ve gotten lost and quickly learned how to ask for directions. We’ve pouted waiting for delayed flights. We’ve been angry at each other for the sole reason of spending to much time locked in a car together. We’ve laughed over sights along the road. But most importantly, throughout all of these experiences, we did it together. I constantly find myself planning the next adventure; which I credit to the spirit of adventure that my mother had fostered within my soul.

Sons and daughters, travel with your mom. Let her lead the way, even if you know a better route. Enjoy her company and make memories that will last a lifetime. Life is short. Value your mothers and the adventures you will take together.

Moms, travel with your children. Don’t take them to the same place every year. Learn to grow together through the adventures that life places in your path. Teach your children how to read a map. Foster that love for exploration early on so that your children to may be bit by the same travel bug that my mother was!


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