Why BAT?

Why Bea Amazed Travel?

I consider travel to be a personal and intimate experience. Whether you’re soul searching, keeping your relationship prosperous, or providing your children with everlasting memories; travel has a purpose. This purpose is unique to each one of us. There are plenty of large websites where customers can purchase cookie-cutter vacations. Thankfully his is not one of those sites. If you’re looking for a completely customized vacation that was specifically created for you and your family, stick around, you’re in the right place!

So why should you chose Bea Amazed Travel?

Created just for YOU!
Just as no two people are alike, no two vacations should be the same either. Traveling is not a one-size-fits-all venture! I will provide you with a personalized vacation within your budget. I design each trip specifically for my clients. I will take into account your travel goals, lifestyle, and budget so that you will not only have a relaxing trip, but you’ll also be able to take the time to focus on what truly matters!

Bea Amazed Travel has the ability to offer our client’s special pricing that you won’t always find on large travel booking websites. I work with hundreds of companies to provide you with the best prices and unadvertised discounts. Why book through a massive website for the same price when I can offer you attention to detail, recommendations for your trip, and follow through for the small details you may have forgotten?

Complete Package
Of course I can book airfare, hotels, and rental cars, but what about the nuts and bolts of a vacation? I can do that too! I will not only take care of the basics when booking your trip, I will also make sure you have airport transfers, recommend local restaurants, points of interest, and shore excursions so that you can take full advantage of the local flavor!

Chances are if you’re dreaming of a vacation, you’re looking to relax. Planning your adventures shouldn’t be a stressful experience. It can easily become overwhelming as you blindly search through “big box” travel booking sites comparing prices and locations. Allow me to take the stress out of planning and do the searching for you. Grab a glass of wine and kick your feet up as I email you prospective options. The most stressful thing about your trip should be which swimsuit you’re going to pack, not spending hours upon hours coordinating complex travel plans.

Bea Amazed is a full service travel agency, however we specialize in Caribbean vacations. My passion is crystal clear waters and snow white colored sand. This specialization has allowed me the opportunity to make relationships with local hotels to provide my clients with better pricing and experiences.

I’m a real person!
Perhaps the best reason to book through Bea Amazed Travel is that I am a real live human being! From your first inquiry through the last day of your trip, you will be talking directly to me. If a problem arises on your trip, you will be speaking directly to me, not a stranger or an anonymous website.

I look forward to working with you! Let me customize your travel experience to make your next vacation your best trip yet!