5 Reasons Why Cruising is the Best Way to Travel on a Budget

Are you one of those people who are constantly in search of the best deal? You want to stretch every last dollar so that you can make the most out of each penny. And rightfully so! You’ve worked hard for your money! Or maybe you have big dreams but a small budget. In both of these cases, cruising might be the perfect remedy for your next trip!

Here are five reasons why cruising is the best value when it comes to budge travel.

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1.All Inclusive on the Water

On a traditional vacation, you’ll need to budget in money for food, recreation, entertainment, and transportation. However on a cruise, most of this is included! Let’s take a minute to talk about the food alone. We’re not talking about three meals a day which are included in your sailing. No. We’re talking about if you plan on making eating your sole purpose on your vacation, you can easily do so! While most ships offer a dining room where guests can have a formal sit down meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they also have a cafeteria which is often open 24 hours a day! That means if you eat breakfast in the formal dining room at 8am and you’re craving spaghetti by 10am, you can walk to the cafeteria and enjoy your mid-morning spaghetti snack without paying anything extra! Cruise lines will sometimes run promotions where all beverages are included. Norwegian for example offers free drinks, including top shelf liquor on some of their shorter sailings! Even if the ship you’ve chosen doesn’t offer free alcohol with the package you’ve chosen, many cruise lines offer drink packages where guests pay a flat fee each day and can drink as much as they want.


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2. No Worries Travel

Many cruise ships are like traveling in a full-functioning, portable city on water. Some have promenades of shops, others have amphitheaters and carousels inside. Everything that you need is located in one convenient place. If you’re traveling with teenagers, you can feel more comfortable about giving them a little more space. In fact cruise lines are fantastic for traveling with any aged child. Want to enjoy a romantic dinner with just the two of you? It’s not uncommon for cruise lines to offer child care. There are often kid’s only clubs onboard as well. This way your children are having a blast while you’re relaxing and the best part of all, you don’t have to worry about them!


Royal Caribbean Casino

3. Party on the Ship

Each ship has its own collection of entertainers and recreation as well, WHICH IS INCLUDED IN YOUR PRICE! Take advantage of the larger ships that have casinos, rock climbing walls, wave runners, onboard water parks, art auctions, nightly shows, ice skating rinks, and live music every evening! There is something to keep guests occupied at all hours of the day! Some ships offer special cruises that target specific audiences as well. Are you a fan of 80’s rock? Check out the Monsters of Rock Cruise! Are you more of a country music fan? There’s a cruise for that too!


St. Maartin Cruise Port

4. Multiple Destinations

It would cost thousands of dollars to visit five islands in a seven day time period on a normal vacation. Not on a cruise! One of the beauties of booking a cruise instead of a traditional trip is that you’ll be able to see more places in a shorter amount of time. Every destination has its own individual personality. Cruising allows travelers to sample a variety of these personalities, rather than settling on one place.  Royal Caribbean for example offers guests seven day Southern Caribbean trips that embark out of Puerto Rico and visits five other islands in a seven day period of time. That’s six islands in seven days when you include Puerto Rico! This is also perfect for people who want to sample destinations before deciding to vacation on an island vacation. For example, we took the seven day Royal Caribbean cruise I mentioned above and fell head over heals in love with Saint Thomas. This is now on our list of “must-go-back” places.


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5. Destination: Everywhere

When travelers think of cruising they often think about Caribbean travel. Although that’s a fantastic destination, it’s certainly not the only one! Alaska, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, New England, Europe, Asia, and Australia are other worthwhile cruising destinations! If there’s water surrounding it, chances are you can find a cruise to visit it!

Ask us about our cruising recommendations for your family and specific needs! Some of these places are better visited from smaller cruise ships or at specific times of the year. We’d be more than happy to talk with you about your next cruise vacation! Visit our Plan a Trip page and fill out the questionnaire for a quote on your trip or email us at admin@beaamazed.com! We’ll get back to you within two business days with some personalized options just for you!

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